At Eye Associates, our world-class surgeons and experienced staff provide the most thorough evaluation to determine the very best treatment options to meet the unique needs of every patient. Before your cataract surgery, we will perform extensive testing to predict the precise needs of your eyes and take the measurements necessary to ensure your lens implant is set to the appropriate power. This detailed process is designed to provide you with the best possible results after surgery.

As technology progresses, physicians and patients are able to take advantage of exciting advancements that help to further enhance the cataract surgery experience. At Eye Associates, we are dedicated to offering the very latest in vision correction technology, which is why we are pleased to bring our patients ORA.

ORA enhances the cataract surgery experience by removing most of the uncertainty. This innovative technology provides real-time micro-measurements letting your surgeon verify that the proper correction has been made and to make minor adjustments as needed to ensure the best outcome – all during surgery. So now more than ever, you can be sure you are getting the very best, most accurate cataract care.

Learn more about ORA at www.wavetecvision.com.

Laser Cataract Surgery