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Crystalens® is the first and only lens implant that focuses like the eye’s natural lens. This revolutionary breakthrough in lens implant technology brings patients’ vision back into focus – near, far and at all ranges in between. As the brain works to focus at varying distances, Crystalens uses the eye’s muscle to move naturally for seamless, continuous vision. With this incredible technology, patients at Eye Associates can enjoy a more youthful vision – most with little or no dependence on corrective lenses. Ask our staff for more information about Crystalens.

As the eye ages, it becomes more difficult to read and focus on objects in low light. It is important to know that after the Crystalens procedure, some patients may still experience some limitations with these activities. Not all Crystalens candidates will achieve 20/20 vision, but for many patients over the age of 40, this exciting technology presents the opportunity to reduce or eliminate glasses and contacts permanently.

Laser Cataract Surgery